Access to clean drinking water is a global problem. Around one billion people in developing countries do not have access to clean drinking water. One of the primary reasons for this adversity is poor water infrastructure and disposal of sewage without proper treatment. 

So as an organization, we would be tackling two significant challenges:-

  1. Supplying clean water
  2. Treatment of sewage

Tonnes of water is wasted every day during its supply due to poorly maintained pipelines and improper management. EIUL is ensuring clean supply of water by building a better water supply infrastructure with minimal leaks and wastage. 

We at EIUL are highly committed to making the best use of our natural resources and building better solutions for sustainable living. Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental right of every human being. EIUL has an integrated approach to water management, wherein we are building solutions to treat sewage before disposing it into water bodies. We are working on establishing better sewage purifying systems that will ensure the safe disposal of wastewater in our water bodies.

So, when we say water infrastructure management, we are focusing on minimizing the leakages in water supply system so that we make the best use of our available water resources. Better sewage treatment plants are the second aspect we are working on as an effective sewage treatment will keep a check on the rising water pollution — a critical step towards ensuring clean water for all.