A Transformer is one of the most common devices found in electrical system that links the circuits which are operating at different voltages these are commonly used in applications where there is a need of AC voltage conversion from one voltage level to another.It is possible either to decrease or increase the voltage and current by the use of transformer in AC circuits based on the requirements of the electrical equipment. These are step down or step up transformer which converts the electrical power from high voltage to low voltage or vice versa maintaining the same frequency.

The transformer is a static device which has no moving parts that consist of one, two or more windings which are magnetically coupled with a magnetic core. It transfers the electrical energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic Induction principle.

EIUL started as transformer manufacturing unit whose end customers used them for increasing or decreasing the alternating voltages in electric power applications. The Power transformers manufactured by EIUL refers to the transformers with high power and voltage ratings. These are extensively used in power generation, transmission & distribution systems to increase or decrease the voltage levels.

We have more than 800 transformer designs type tested across various ratings of transformers which are being manufactured indigenously in our plants.

Our design and development approach, wherein we leverage the best technologies differentiates us from others. In the last 50 years, we have designed, manufactured, tested and distributed:

  • Distribution Transformers up to 2500 KVA, 11 KV Class – 500,000+ Supplied 
  • Power Transformers up to 16 MVA, 33 KV Class – 5,000+ Supplied
  • Dry Type Transformers upto 2 MVA 
  • BEE Certified 3 star, 4 star & 5 star Transformers upto 200 KVA 
  • Single Phase Wound Core Type Transformers upto 25 KVA upto 5-star
  • Three Phase Wound Core CRGO/ Amorphous Metal Transformers upto 200 KVA upto 5-star
We have three plants in Uttar Pradesh and
two plants in Uttarakhand. Here are some locations…
145, G. T. Road, Sahibabad,
Ghaziabad (U. P.) – 201005
23, Loni Road, Mohan Nagar,
Ghaziabad (U. P.)

123, Anand Industrial Estate,
Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad (U. P.)

1088, Salempur, Rajputana Industrial Area, Roorkee (Uttarakhand)

144, Lakeshwari Industrial Area,
Roorkee (Uttarakhand)


Quality is the Key at EIUL

Recognized as one of the best manufacturers of transformers in the country, EIUL ensures delivery of high-quality transformers that come with a seamless service experience. Our expert team is a reflection of our self-sufficiency in independently manufacturing majority of the components needed for transformers. As an integral part of our expansion and backward integration project, a lamination processing plant has been set up in-house. 

It is coupled with facilities for sheet metal fabrication of transformers, transformer oil refinery and pressed steel radiators. Our comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program encompasses all facets of design, procurement, inspection and testing of materials. That way, we ensure that our transformers are a symbol of superior performance and trust.

It is proof of our technical excellence that our transformers are subjected to Type Tests for design verification.